noun \ˈglä-təs\

medical : the opening between the vocal cords in your throat

plural glot·tis·es or glot·ti·des \-tə-ˌdēz\

Full Definition of GLOTTIS

:  the elongated space between the vocal cords; also :  the structures that surround this space — compare epiglottis

Origin of GLOTTIS

Greek glōttid-, glōttis, from glōtta tongue — more at gloss
First Known Use: 1578


noun \ˈglät-əs\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural glot·tis·es or glot·ti·des \-ə-ˌdēz\

Medical Definition of GLOTTIS

: the space between one of the true vocal cords and the arytenoid cartilage on one side of the larynx and those of the other side; also : the structures that surround this space—compare epiglottis


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