adjective \ˈglib\

: said or done too easily or carelessly : showing little preparation or thought

: speaking in a smooth, easy way that is not sincere


Full Definition of GLIB

a :  marked by ease and informality :  nonchalant
b :  showing little forethought or preparation :  offhand <glib answers>
c :  lacking depth and substance :  superficial <glib solutions to knotty problems>
archaic :  smooth, slippery
:  marked by ease and fluency in speaking or writing often to the point of being insincere or deceitful <a glib politician>
glib·ly adverb
glib·ness noun

Examples of GLIB

  1. Politicians need to do more than provide glib answers to difficult questions.
  2. the actor's glib portrayal of a drug addict
  3. Or they could have saddled us with The Stranger, which had the mitigating charm of being glib and pretentious and would thus have kept the kids who were obviously going to end up at Bard happy. —Joe Queenan, New York Times Book Review3 June 2007

Origin of GLIB

probably modification of Low German glibberig slippery
First Known Use: 1584

Rhymes with GLIB

GLIBNESS Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈglib\

Definition of GLIB for Kids

:  speaking or spoken carelessly and often insincerely <a glib answer>
glib·ly adverb


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