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verb \ˈgiv\

Definition of give

gave play \ˈgāv\ giv·en play \ˈgi-vən\ giv·ing

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to make a present of <give a doll to a child>

  3. 2 a :  to grant or bestow by formal action <the law gives citizens the right to vote> b :  to accord or yield to another <gave him her confidence>

  4. 3 a :  to put into the possession of another for his or her use <gave me his phone number> b (1) :  to administer as a sacrament (2) :  to administer as a medicine c :  to commit to another as a trust or responsibility and usually for an expressed reason d :  to transfer from one's authority or custody <the sheriff gave the prisoner to the warden> e :  to execute and deliver <all employees must give bond> f :  to convey to another <give them my regards>

  5. 4 a :  to offer to the action of another :  proffer <gave her his hand> b :  to yield (oneself) to a man in sexual intercourse

  6. 5 a :  to present in public performance <give a concert> b :  to present to view or observation <gave the signal to start>

  7. 6 :  to provide by way of entertainment <give a party>

  8. 7 :  to propose as a toast

  9. 8 a :  to designate as a share or portion :  allot <all the earth to thee and to thy race I give — John Milton> b :  to make assignment of (a name) c :  to set forth as an actual or hypothetical datum <give the dimensions of the room> d :  to attribute in thought or utterance :  ascribe <gave the credit to you>

  10. 9 a :  to yield as a product, consequence, or effect :  produce <cows give milk> <84 divided by 12 gives 7> b :  to bring forth :  bear

  11. 10 a :  to yield possession of by way of exchange :  pay b :  to dispose of for a price :  sell

  12. 11 a :  to deliver by some bodily action <gave him a push> b :  to carry out (as a bodily movement) <gave a cynical smile> c :  to inflict as punishment d :  to award by formal verdict <judgment was given against the plaintiff>

  13. 12 :  to offer for consideration, acceptance, or use <gives no reason for his absence>

  14. 13 a :  to suffer the loss of :  sacrifice b :  to offer as appropriate or due especially to something higher or more worthy <gave his spirit to God> c :  to apply freely or fully :  devote <gave themselves to their work> d :  to offer as a pledge <I give you my word>

  15. 14 a :  to cause one to have or receive <mountains always gave him pleasure> b :  to cause a person to catch by contagion, infection, or exposure

  16. 15 a :  to allow one to have or take <give me time> b :  to lead or attempt to lead —used with an infinitive <you gave me to understand you'd be late>

  17. 16 :  to care to the extent of <didn't give a hoot>

  18. intransitive verb
  19. 1 :  to make gifts or presents

  20. 2 a :  to yield to physical force or strain b :  to collapse from the application of force or pressure c :  to undergo or submit to change <for the strike to be settled, something has to give>

  21. 3 :  to afford a view or passage :  open <the window gives onto the terrace>

  22. 4 :  to enter wholeheartedly into an activity

  23. 5 slang :  to be happening <wants to know what gives>

give a good account of
  1. :  to acquit (oneself) well

give birth
  1. :  to have a baby <gave birth last Thursday>

give birth to
  1. 1 :  to produce as offspring <gave birth to a son>

  2. 2 :  to be the source of

give chase
  1. :  to set off in pursuit

give ground
  1. :  to withdraw before superior force :  retreat

give of
  1. :  to make available :  provide generously <freely gave of their time>

give or take
  1. :  as an estimate accurate within (an amount to be added or subtracted)

give place to
  1. :  to be replaced or succeeded by <optimism gave place to worry>

give rise to
  1. :  to be the cause or source of :  produce

give the gun
  1. :  to open the throttle of :  speed up

give the lie to
  1. 1 :  to accuse of falsehood

  2. 2 :  to show to be false, inaccurate, or invalid

give tongue
  1. of hounds :  to begin barking on the scent

give way
  1. 1 a :  retreat b :  to yield the right of way

  2. 2 :  to yield oneself without restraint or control

  3. 3 a :  to yield to or as if to physical stress b :  to yield to entreaty or insistence

  4. 4 :  to yield place

  5. 5 :  to begin to row

Examples of give

  1. She gave him a camera for Christmas.

  2. Are you giving this to me or only lending it?

  3. She has given money to many worthy causes.

  4. They're asking people to give money for a new hospital.

  5. Please give to our charity.

  6. We already gave at the office.

  7. It is better to give than to receive.

  8. He gave me the letter.

  9. He gave her his coat to hold.

  10. He gave me a head start.

Origin of give

Middle English, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Swedish giva to give; akin to Old English giefan, gifan to give, and perhaps to Latin habēre to have, hold

First Known Use: 13th century

Synonym Discussion of give

give, present, donate, bestow, confer, afford mean to convey to another as a possession. give, the general term, is applicable to any passing over of anything by any means <give alms> <gave her a ride on a pony> <give my love to your mother>. present carries a note of formality and ceremony <present an award>. donate is likely to imply a publicized giving (as to charity) <donate a piano to the orphanage>. bestow implies the conveying of something as a gift and may suggest condescension on the part of the giver <bestow unwanted advice>. confer implies a gracious giving (as of a favor or honor) <confer an honorary degree>. afford implies a giving or bestowing usually as a natural or legitimate consequence of the character of the giver <the trees afford shade> <a development that affords us some hope>.




Definition of give

  1. 1 :  capacity or tendency to yield to force or strain :  flexibility

  2. 2 :  the quality or state of being springy


First Known Use of give


Medical Dictionary


transitive verb \ˈgiv\

Medical Definition of give

gave \ˈgāv\play giv·en \ˈgiv-ən\play giv·ing

  1. 1:  to administer as a medicine

  2. 2:  to cause a person to catch by contagion, infection, or exposure

  3. give birth
    1. :  to have a baby <gave birth last Thursday>

    give birth to
    1. :  to produce as offspring <gave birth to a daughter>

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