verb \ˈgild\

: to cover (something) with a thin layer of gold

gild·ed \ˈgil-dəd\ or gilt \ˈgilt\ gild·ing

Full Definition of GILD

transitive verb
:  to overlay with or as if with a thin covering of gold
a :  to give money to
b :  to give an attractive but often deceptive appearance to
c archaic :  to make bloody
gild·er noun
gild the lily
:  to add unnecessary ornamentation to something beautiful in its own right

Origin of GILD

Middle English, from Old English gyldan; akin to Old English gold gold
First Known Use: 14th century


Definition of GILD

variant of guild
GILD THE LILY Defined for Kids


verb \ˈgild\
gild·ed or gilt \ˈgilt\gild·ing

Definition of GILD for Kids

:  to cover with a thin coating of gold <gilded doors>


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