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noun gey·ser \ˈgī-zər, British sometimes ˈgā- or ˈgē- for 1 & usually ˈgē- for 2\

Simple Definition of geyser

  • : a hole in the ground that shoots out hot water and steam; also : the column of water and steam that comes from a geyser

  • : a device for heating water in a bathroom or kitchen

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of geyser

  1. 1 :  a spring that throws forth intermittent jets of heated water and steam

  2. 2 British :  an apparatus for heating water rapidly with a gas flame (as for a bath)

Examples of geyser in a sentence

  1. The water from the geyser rises as high as 75 feet.

  2. geysers rising as high as 75 feet

  3. The water shot into the sky in an enormous geyser.

Did You Know?

A hot spring that discharges intermittent jets of steam and water is called a geyser. Geysers are generally associated with recent volcanic activity. They are produced by the heating of underground waters that have come into contact with, or are very close to, magma. Geyser discharges as high as 1,600 ft (500 m) have been recorded, but 160 ft (50 m) is much more common. Occasionally, a geyser will adopt an extremely regular and predictable pattern of intermittent activity and discharge for a few minutes every hour or so (for example, Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park).

Origin and Etymology of geyser

Icelandic Geysir, hot spring in Iceland, from geysa to rush forth, from Old Norse; akin to Old English gēotan to pour — more at found

First Known Use: 1780

GEYSER Defined for Kids


noun gey·ser \ˈgī-zər\

Definition of geyser for Students

  1. :  a spring that now and then shoots up hot water and steam

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