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adverb gen·er·al·ly \ˈjen-rə-lē, ˈje-nə-, ˈje-nər-lē\

: in a general way : in a way that is not detailed or specific

: in most cases

: by or to most people

Full Definition of GENERALLY

:  in a general manner: as
a :  in disregard of specific instances and with regard to an overall picture <generally speaking>
b :  as a rule :  usually

Examples of GENERALLY

  1. He talked generally about his plans.
  2. I had a generally good day.
  3. It generally takes about a month for the shipment to arrive.
  4. When stocks are up, bonds are generally down.
  5. This town is generally regarded as a good place to raise kids.

First Known Use of GENERALLY

14th century
GENERALLY Defined for Kids


adverb gen·er·al·ly \ˈje-nə-rə-lē, ˈjen-rə-\

Definition of GENERALLY for Kids

:  for the most part <Generally speaking, I don't enjoy horror movies.>
:  in most cases :  usually <I anchored out near the ledge of rocks where I generally fish. — Oliver Butterworth, The Enormous Egg>


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