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verb gen·er·al·ize \ˈjen-rə-ˌlīz, ˈje-nə-\

Simple Definition of generalize

  • : to make a general statement or form a general opinion; especially : to state an opinion about a larger group that is based on a smaller number of people or things within that group

  • : to apply (something specific, such as a theory or rule) to larger group

Full Definition of generalize


  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to give a general form to

  3. 2 a :  to derive or induce (a general conception or principle) from particulars b :  to draw a general conclusion from

  4. 3 :  to give general applicability to <generalize a law>; also :  to make indefinite

  5. intransitive verb
  6. 1 :  to form generalizations; also :  to make vague or indefinite statements

  7. 2 :  to spread or extend throughout the body

gen·er·al·iz·abil·i·ty play \ˌjen-rə-ˌlī-zə-ˈbi-lə-tē, ˌje-nə-\ noun
gen·er·al·iz·able play \-ˌlī-zə-bəl\ adjective
gen·er·al·iz·er noun

Circa 1751

First Known Use of generalize

circa 1751

Rhymes with generalize

accessorize, acclimatize, actualize, aerobicize, aestheticize, Africanize, allegorize, alphabetize, analogize, anatomize, anesthetize, animalize, annualize, antagonize, anthologize, anticlockwise, apologize, apostatize, apostrophize, arabicize, aromatize, automatize, bureaucratize, cannibalize, capitalize, categorize, catheterize, catholicize, characterize, collectivize, commercialize, commoditize, communalize, computerize, conservatize, containerize, contrariwise, conveyorize, cosmeticize, counterclockwise, criminalize, cross-fertilize, cut down to size, decentralize, decolonize, de-emphasize, de-energize, defeminize, deformalize, deglamorize, dehumanize, deionize, demagnetize, demobilize, democratize, demoralize, denationalize, deodorize, depersonalize, depolarize, depressurize, desensitize, destabilize, destigmatize, detribalize, devitalize, diabolize, digitalize, disenfranchise, disorganize, economize, emblematize, emotionalize, epitomize, epoxidize, eroticize, eternalize, evangelize, extemporize, externalize, familiarize, fanaticize, fictionalize, floor exercise, fool's paradise, formularize, free enterprise, gelatinize, geologize, Hispanicize, historicize, homogenize, hospitalize, hypothesize, idealize, illegalize, immobilize, immortalize, impersonalize, Indianize, indigenize, infantilize, initialize, internalize, italicize, legitimize, liberalize, literalize, lobotomize, lysogenize, macadamize, marginalize, metabolize, metastasize, militarize, mineralize, monopolize, mythologize, nationalize, naturalize, parenthesize, philosophize, poeticize, politicize, popularize, prioritize, proselytize, radicalize, reorganize, revitalize, ritualize, romanticize, secularize, self-fertilize, sensualize, sexualize, sovietize, subjectivize, suburbanize, subvocalize, systematize, temporalize, theologize, traditionalize, trivialize, ventriloquize, visualize

Medical Dictionary


intransitive verb gen·er·al·ize

Medical Definition of generalize

gen·er·al·ized or British gen·er·al·isedgen·er·al·iz·ing or British gen·er·al·is·ing

  1. :  to spread or extend throughout the body <generalized paralysis>

Variants of generalize

or British gen·er·al·ise \ˈjen-(ə-)rə-ˌlīz\play

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