verb \ˈgeld\

: to remove the testicles of (a male animal and especially a horse or bull)

Full Definition of GELD

transitive verb
:  castrate
:  to deprive of a natural or essential part <the legislation was pretty much gelded by the time it was passed>

Examples of GELD

  1. <by the time of the fourth rewrite, the screenplay had pretty much been gelded of all originality>

Origin of GELD

Middle English, from Old Norse gelda; akin to Old English gelde sterile
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Animal Husbandry Terms

apiary, bantam, calico, girth, hogwash, mast, rut

Rhymes with GELD



Definition of GELD

:  the crown tax paid under Anglo-Saxon and Norman kings

Origin of GELD

Old English gield, geld service, tribute; akin to Old English gieldan to pay, yield — more at yield
First Known Use: 1610


transitive verb \ˈgeld\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of GELD

: castrate 1; also : spay


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