verb \ˈjē\

Definition of GEE

verb imperative
—used as a direction to turn to the right or move ahead — compare 5haw
intransitive verb
geed gee·ing :  to turn to the right side

Origin of GEE

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1628

Other Animal Husbandry Terms

apiary, bantam, calico, girth, hogwash, mast, rut

Rhymes with GEE

b, be, bee, c, cay, cee, Cree, d, dee, Dee, dree, e, fee, flea, flee, free, g, ghee, glee, gree, he, key, Key, knee, lea, lee, me, mi, p, pea, pee, plea, pree, quay, re, Rhee, scree, sea, see, she, si, ski, spree, sri, t, tea, tee, the, thee, three, ti, tree, twee, Twi, v, vee, we, wee, whee, ye, z, zee



Definition of GEE

:  the letter g
[grand] slang :  a thousand dollars

First Known Use of GEE


Other Alphabet Terms

cuneiform, linear, minuscule, pictograph, rune, symbology, wedge



—used especially to show surprise, enthusiasm, or disappointment

Full Definition of GEE

—used as an introductory expletive or to express surprise or enthusiasm

Origin of GEE

euphemism for Jesus
First Known Use: 1884
GEED Defined for Kids


interjection \ˈjē\

Definition of GEE for Kids

—used to show surprise, enthusiasm, or disappointment <Gee, what fun!> <Gee, that's bad news.>


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