noun \gə-ˈzel\

: a small animal that is a kind of antelope and that is very graceful and fast

plural gazelles also gazelle

Full Definition of GAZELLE

:  any of numerous small to medium graceful and swift African and Asian antelopes (Gazella and related genera)

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Origin of GAZELLE

French, from Middle French, from Arabic ghazāl
First Known Use: 1600


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Thomson's gazelle (Gazella thomsoni).—E.R. Degginger/EB Inc.

Any of numerous species of graceful antelope (genus Gazella) found on open plains and arid lands from Mongolia to the Atlantic coast of North Africa and throughout eastern and central tropical Africa. Gazelles are 2–3 ft (60–90 cm) high at the shoulder. They range in herds that usually contain 5 to 10 individuals but may include several hundred. They are generally brown with white underparts and rump, and many have a horizontal dark band along each side. A light stripe runs down each side of the face. The horns have numerous raised rings and are variously shaped, but all are slightly upturned at the ends. Some species are considered endangered.


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