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noun gas·o·line \ˈga-sə-ˌlēn, ˌga-sə-ˈ also -zə-\

: a liquid made from petroleum and used especially as a fuel for engines

Full Definition of GASOLINE

:  a volatile flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture used as a fuel especially for internal combustion engines and usually blended from several products of natural gas and petroleum
gas·o·lin·ic \ˌga-sə-ˈlē-nik, -ˈli-\ adjective

Variants of GASOLINE

gas·o·line also gas·o·lene \ˈga-sə-ˌlēn, ˌga-sə-ˈ also -zə-\

Origin of GASOLINE

1gas + 2-ol + 2-ine or -ene
First Known Use: 1865
GASOLINE Defined for Kids


noun gas·o·line \ˈga-sə-ˌlēn, ˌga-sə-ˈlēn\

Definition of GASOLINE for Kids

:  a flammable liquid made especially from natural gas found in the earth and from petroleum and used mostly as an automobile fuel


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