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noun gas·house \-ˌhau̇s\

Definition of gashouse


First Known Use of gashouse


Rhymes with gashouse

alehouse, almshouse, baghouse, bathhouse, Bauhaus, big house, birdhouse, black grouse, blockhouse, boathouse, book louse, bughouse, bunkhouse, call house, cathouse, chophouse, clean house, clubhouse, cookhouse, courthouse, crab louse, crack house, deckhouse, deer mouse, degauss, delouse, doghouse, dollhouse, dormouse, espouse, farmhouse, field house, field mouse, firehouse, flophouse, full house, fun house, gatehouse, glasshouse, great house, greenhouse, grind house, guardhouse, guesthouse, hash house, head louse, henhouse, hothouse, house mouse, icehouse, in-house, jailhouse, joss house, keep house, lighthouse, lobscouse, longhouse, madhouse, Manaus, milk house, nuthouse, outhouse, penthouse, pesthouse, playhouse, poorhouse, ranch house, rest house, roadhouse, roughhouse, roundhouse, ruffed grouse, safe house, sage grouse, sandgrouse, schoolhouse, sea mouse, smokehouse, springhouse, statehouse, steak house, storehouse, teahouse, third house, titmouse, tollhouse, Toll House, town house, tract house, tree house, warehouse, washhouse, wheelhouse, White House, whorehouse, Wodehouse, wood louse, workhouse

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an indentation on an edge or a surface

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