garden city


garden city


Definition of GARDEN CITY

:  a planned residential community with park and planted areas

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Garden City

geographical name

Definition of GARDEN CITY

city W Kansas on Arkansas River pop 26,658
city SE Michigan pop 27,692

garden city

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Ideal planned community as envisioned by the British town planner Ebenezer Howard (1850–1928). It was to be a small city that combined the amenities of urban and rural life; it would be compact, with contained growth. At the center would be a garden ringed with a civic and cultural complex, a park, housing, and industry, the whole surrounded by an agricultural green belt. Traffic would move along radial avenues and ring roads. The first garden city was built at Letchworth, England, in 1903. Though Howard's ideas have been widely influential, imitators have often ignored his stipulation that the town be a self-contained, true mixed-use community.


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