Garda, Lake

Gar·da, Lake

geographical name \ˈgär-dä\

Definition of GARDA, LAKE

lake ab 35 miles (56 kilometers) long N Italy between Lombardy & Veneto draining through the Mincio into the Po

Garda, Lake

geographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Lake, northern Italy. Largest of the Italian lakes, it is 34 mi (54 km) long and 2 to 11 mi (3 to 18 km) wide, with a shoreline of 77.5 mi (125 km). It borders Lombardy, Veneto, and Trentino–Alto Adige. Separated from the Adige River valley by the narrow ridge of Mount Baldo, it is fed by the Sarca River at its northern end, while the Mincio flows out toward the Po River to the south. The lake is encircled by the Gardesana scenic route, opened in 1931. Well sheltered by the Alps to the north, Lake Garda has a temperate Mediterranean climate. It is a popular resort area.

Variants of GARDA, LAKE

Garda, Lake ancient Lacus Benacus


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