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noun gal·low·glass \ˈga-lō-ˌglas\

Definition of gallowglass

  1. 1 :  a mercenary or retainer of an Irish chief

  2. 2 :  an armed Irish foot soldier

Origin and Etymology of gallowglass

modification of Irish gallóglach, from gall foreigner + óglach young man, warrior

First Known Use: circa 1515

Rhymes with gallowglass

biogas, biomass, bottled gas, cabin class, channel bass, cocktail glass, come to pass, demitasse, dressing glass, fiberglass, forward pass, gravitas, Hallowmas, hippocras, isinglass, laughing gas, lemongrass, looking glass, Loveland Pass, lower-class, master class, middle-class, Montparnasse, opera glass, outlet pass, overclass, overpass, Plexiglas, Rogers Pass, ruby glass, safety glass, sassafras, second-class, shovel pass, solar mass, solemn mass, superclass, tourist class, underclass, underpass, upper-class, votive mass, water glass, weatherglass, working-class

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an experienced reliable worker

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