adjective \ˈfə-zē\

: covered with short, soft hairs, fur, etc. : covered with fuzz

: not clear : not sharp or distinct

: not clear in thought


Full Definition of FUZZY

:  marked by or giving a suggestion of fuzz <a fuzzy covering of felt>
:  lacking in clarity or definition <moving the camera causes fuzzy photos>
:  being, relating to, or invoking pleasant and usually sentimental emotions <warm and fuzzy feelings>
fuzz·i·ly \ˈfə-zə-lē\ adverb
fuzz·i·ness \ˈfə-zē-nəs\ noun

Examples of FUZZY

  1. The plant has fuzzy leaves.
  2. Without my glasses everything looks fuzzy.
  3. The line between our areas of responsibility is fuzzy.
  4. I think his reasoning is a little fuzzy.

Origin of FUZZY

perhaps from Low German fussig loose, spongy
First Known Use: 1713

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