adjective \ˈfə-nē\

: causing laughter

: odd or strange

: not well : somewhat ill


Full Definition of FUNNY

a :  affording light mirth and laughter :  amusing
b :  seeking or intended to amuse :  facetious
:  differing from the ordinary in a suspicious, perplexing, quaint, or eccentric way :  peculiar —often used as a sentence modifier <funny, things didn't turn out the way we planned>
:  involving trickery or deception <told his prisoner not to try anything funny>
fun·ni·ly \ˈfə-nə-lē\ adverb
fun·ni·ness \ˈfə-nē-nəs\ noun
funny adverb

Examples of FUNNY

  1. He told a funny story.
  2. He's a very funny guy.
  3. What are you laughing at? There's nothing funny about it.
  4. There's something funny going on here.
  5. She has some funny ideas about how to run a company.
  6. I can't find my keys. That's funny—they were here a minute ago.
  7. My car has been making a funny noise lately.
  8. A funny thing happened to me the other day.
  9. It feels funny to be back here again.
  10. It's funny that you should say that—I was just thinking the same thing myself.

First Known Use of FUNNY


Rhymes with FUNNY


plural fun·nies

Definition of FUNNY

:  one that is funny; especially :  joke
plural :  comic strips or the comic section of a periodical —usually used with the

Examples of FUNNY

  1. <reading the Sunday funnies is part of my weekend ritual>
  2. <let's can the funnies—we've got serious work to do here>

First Known Use of FUNNY



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