verb \ˈfrs(t)-ˌbīt\

Definition of FROSTBITE

transitive verb
:  to affect or injure by frost or frostbite

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: a condition in which part of your body (such as your fingers or toes) freezes or almost freezes

Full Definition of FROSTBITE

:  the superficial or deep freezing of the tissues of some part of the body (as the feet or hands); also :  the damage to tissues caused by freezing — compare frostnip

Examples of FROSTBITE

  1. He wore gloves to prevent frostbite.

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Definition of FROSTBITE

:  done in cold weather <frostbite sailing>; also :  of or relating to cold-weather sailing <frostbite sailors>

First Known Use of FROSTBITE



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Freezing of living tissue, when it loses enough heat in below-freezing weather for ice to form. High winds, wet skin, tight clothes, and alcohol use increase the risk of frostbite. Cell damage, tissue dehydration, and oxygen depletion caused by freezing and thawing can lead to blood-cell disruption, clotting in capillaries, and gangrene. The toes, fingers, ears, and nose are usually affected first, becoming cold, hard, white, or bloodless. The lack of pain is dangerous. Core temperature should be brought to near normal before rapid thawing in warm (under 115 °F [46 °C]) water. Toxoid booster injections are recommended. The outlook is best when freezing is short-term, thawing is by rapid rewarming, and large blisters extending to the end of the part develop early. Tissue that is refrozen after thawing must almost always be amputated. Affected parts become more susceptible to recurrence. Frostbite is best prevented by wearing dry, layered, loose clothing and remaining alert. See also hypothermia.


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