verb frost·bite \ˈfrs(t)-ˌbīt\

Definition of FROSTBITE

transitive verb
:  to affect or injure by frost or frostbite

First Known Use of FROSTBITE


Rhymes with FROSTBITE

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: a condition in which part of your body (such as your fingers or toes) freezes or almost freezes

Full Definition of FROSTBITE

:  the superficial or deep freezing of the tissues of some part of the body (as the feet or hands); also :  the damage to tissues caused by freezing — compare frostnip

Examples of FROSTBITE

  1. He wore gloves to prevent frostbite.

First Known Use of FROSTBITE




Definition of FROSTBITE

:  done in cold weather <frostbite sailing>; also :  of or relating to cold-weather sailing <frostbite sailors>

First Known Use of FROSTBITE

FROSTBITE Defined for Kids


noun frost·bite \ˈfrst-ˌbīt\

Definition of FROSTBITE for Kids

:  slight freezing of a part of the body (as the feet or hands) or the damage to body tissues caused by such freezing


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