noun \ˈfri-p(ə-)rē\

: something that is not necessary or not serious

plural frip·per·ies

Full Definition of FRIPPERY

a :  cast-off clothes
b archaic :  a place where old clothes are sold
a :  finery; also :  an elegant or showy garment
b :  something showy, frivolous, or nonessential
c :  ostentation; especially :  something foolish or affectedly elegant

Examples of FRIPPERY

  1. The design is simple and devoid of needless frippery.
  2. <dressed in their most elegant frippery for the big gala at the symphony>

Origin of FRIPPERY

Middle French friperie, alteration of Old French freperie, from frepe old garment
First Known Use: 1568


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