noun \ˈfrīt\

: fear caused by sudden danger : sudden fear

: a feeling of sudden fear

: something that looks strange, shocking, ugly, etc.

Full Definition of FRIGHT

:  fear excited by sudden danger :  alarm <gave me quite a fright>
:  something strange, ugly, or shocking

Examples of FRIGHT

  1. Her eyes were wide with fright.
  2. <people in our neighborhood think that that orange and green office building is a hideous fright>

Origin of FRIGHT

Middle English, from Old English fyrhto, fryhto; akin to Old High German forhta fear
First Known Use: before 12th century

Related to FRIGHT

eyesore, hideosity, horror, mess, monstrosity, sight
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Definition of FRIGHT

transitive verb
:  to alarm suddenly :  frighten

Examples of FRIGHT

  1. <a ghastly sight that would fright even the most stouthearted soul>

First Known Use of FRIGHT

before 12th century


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