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noun fret·work \-ˌwərk\

Simple Definition of fretwork

  • : patterns or decoration on a surface made by cutting into or through the surface

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of fretwork

  1. 1 :  decoration consisting of work adorned with frets

  2. 2 :  ornamental openwork or work in relief


First Known Use of fretwork


Rhymes with fretwork

artwork, at work, beadwork, berserk, breastwork, brickwork, bridgework, brightwork, brushwork, capework, casework, clockwork, coachwork, de Klerk, ductwork, Dunkirk, earthwork, falsework, fieldwork, file clerk, firework, flatwork, footwork, formwork, framework, frostwork, glasswork, Grand Turk, grillwork, groundwork, guesswork, hackwork, handwork, hauberk, headwork, homework, housework, in work, ironwork, knee-jerk, lacework, lifework, make-work, meshwork, millwork, network, outwork, paintwork, patchwork, piecework, presswork, quillwork, rework, roadwork, salesclerk, schoolwork, scrollwork, shellwork, slopwork, Southwark, spadework, steelwork, stickwork, stonework, stump work, teamwork, timework, topwork, town clerk, waxwork, webwork, wheelwork, woodwork, young Turk

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