verb \frē-ˈkwent, ˈfrē-kwənt\

: to visit or go to (a place) often

Full Definition of FREQUENT

transitive verb
:  to associate with, be in, or resort to often or habitually <a bar frequented by sports fans>
archaic :  to read systematically or habitually
fre·quen·ta·tion \ˌfrē-ˌkwen-ˈtā-shən, -kwən-\ noun
fre·quent·er noun

Examples of FREQUENT

  1. He began frequenting cheap bars.
  2. a neighborhood frequented by tourists
  3. a restaurant frequented by local politicians

First Known Use of FREQUENT

15th century


adjective \ˈfrē-kwənt\

: happening often

: acting or returning regularly or often

Full Definition of FREQUENT

a :  common, usual
b :  happening at short intervals :  often repeated or occurring <a bus making frequent stops>
obsolete :  full, thronged
:  acting or returning regularly or often <a frequent visitor>
archaic :  intimate, familiar
fre·quent·ness noun

Examples of FREQUENT

  1. We made frequent trips to town.
  2. This bus makes frequent stops.
  3. She was a frequent visitor to the museum.
  4. He is one of our most frequent customers.

Origin of FREQUENT

Middle English, ample, from Middle French or Latin; Middle French, crowded, from Latin frequent-, frequens
First Known Use: 1531


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