adjective \ˌfrē-ˈhwē-liŋ, -ˈwē-\

: free and loose in style or manner : not held back by rules, duties, or worries : not controlled or limited

Full Definition of FREEWHEELING

:  free and loose in form or manner: as
a :  heedless of social norms or niceties <the raider style of his freewheeling father — Garry Wills>
b :  not repressed or restrained <freewheeling promiscuity> <a freewheeling competitive spirit>
c :  not bound by formal rules, procedures, or guidelines <a freewheeling investigation>
d :  loose and undisciplined :  not defensive <a freewheeling style of hockey>
free·wheel·ing·ly adverb


  1. She led a freewheeling life in the city.
  2. <James Bond has long been the model of the freewheeling hero who encounters danger and excitement in every corner of the globe.>

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