noun \-ˌhand\

: a type of quick and strong dog that is often trained to hunt foxes

Full Definition of FOXHOUND

:  any of various large swift powerful hounds of great endurance used in hunting foxes and developed to form several breeds and many distinctive strains — compare american foxhound, english foxhound

First Known Use of FOXHOUND

circa 1763


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Foxhound.—Sally Anne Thompson/EB Inc.

Either of two breeds of dogs traditionally kept in packs for fox hunting. The English foxhound stands 21–25 in. (53–64 cm) high and weighs 60–70 lbs (27–32 kg). It has a short coat, which is usually a combination of black, tan, and white. The American foxhound resembles the English breed in appearance and size but is more lightly built. It is the oldest breed of sporting dog in the U.S., developed from English foxhounds imported beginning in 1650. Both breeds have been bred for strength, speed, and versatility; they are rarely kept as house pets.


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