noun \ˈstär-tər\

: a player, horse, etc., that is in a game or race at its beginning

: someone who gives the signal for a race to start

: a device that is used for starting an engine

Full Definition of STARTER

:  a person who initiates or sets going: as
a :  an official who gives the signal to begin a race
b :  one who dispatches vehicles
a :  one that engages in a competition; especially :  a member of a starting lineup
b :  one that begins to engage in an activity or process
:  one that causes something to begin operating: as
a :  a device for starting an engine; especially :  an electric motor used to start an internal combustion engine
b :  material containing microorganisms (as yeast) used to induce a desired fermentation
:  something that is the beginning of a process, activity, or series; especially :  appetizer
for starters
:  to begin with

Examples of STARTER

  1. The team is playing only five regular starters.
  2. The car's starter needs to be replaced.

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—used to describe something small or basic that you get when you are doing something for the first time

Full Definition of STARTER

:  of, relating to, or being an item acquired with the expectation that a more elaborate or sophisticated model will be acquired in the future <a starter home>

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