verb \ˈfō-ˌment, fō-ˈ\

: to cause or try to cause the growth or development of (something bad or harmful)

Full Definition of FOMENT

transitive verb
:  to promote the growth or development of :  rouse, incite <foment a rebellion>
fo·ment·er noun

Examples of FOMENT

  1. He was accused of fomenting violence.
  2. <John Adams's wife, Abigail, told him that if women were not remembered by the new American government, they would foment a Rebellion and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice or Representation.>

Origin of FOMENT

Middle English, to apply a warm substance to, from Late Latin fomentare, from Latin fomentum compress, from fovēre to heat, soothe; akin to Lithuanian degti to burn, Sanskrit dahati it burns
First Known Use: circa 1613


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