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noun, fo·lio \ˈfō-lē-ˌō\

Definition of folio

plural folios

  1. 1 a :  a leaf especially of a manuscript or book b :  a leaf number c :  a page number d :  an identifying reference in accounting used in posting

  2. 2 a :  a sheet of paper folded once b :  a case or folder for loose papers

  3. 3 a :  the size of a piece of paper cut two from a sheet; also :  paper or a page of this size b :  a book printed on folio pages c :  a book of the largest size

  4. 4 :  a certain number of words taken as a unit or division in a document for purposes of measurement or reference

Origin of folio

Middle English, from Latin, abl. of folium

First Known Use: 15th century

Other Paper Terms

Rhymes with folio

acid snow, afterglow, aikido, alpenglow, apropos, art deco, art nouveau, audio, Baguio, Bamako, barrio, bay window, Bergamo, bibelot, Bilbao, black widow, blow-by-blow, body blow, bone marrow, bordereau, Borneo, bow window, buffalo, Buffalo, bungalow, Bushido, buteo, calico, cameo, cachalot, cembalo, centimo, CEO, chassepot, cheerio, Clemenceau, cogito, comedo, comme il faut, counterflow, Cupid's bow, curaçao, Curaçao, curassow, curio, daimyo, danio, Delano, Diderot, do-si-do, domino, dynamo, embryo, entrepôt, Erato, escargot, Eskimo, extrados, fabliau, French window, fricandeau, furbelow, gigolo, golden glow, go-no-go, grass widow, guacharo, hammer throw, hammertoe, haricot, heel-and-toe, hetero, high and low, HMO, Holy Joe, horror show, Idaho, in a row, indigo, in escrow, in the know, Jericho, kakapo, latigo, little toe, long-ago, Longfellow, Maceió, Maginot, Manchukuo, medico, Mexico, mistletoe, modulo, Monaco, Navajo, NCO, nuncio, oleo, olio, on tiptoe, Oreo, overflow, overgrow, overthrow, ovolo, Pamlico, Papago, paseo, picaro, piccolo, Pierrot, polio, pomelo, pompano, portico, PPO, Prospero, proximo, quid pro quo, radio, raree-show, ratio, Richard Roe, Rochambeau, rococo, rodeo, Romeo, rose window, round window, saddlebow, Sapporo, sapsago, Scapa Flow, Scipio, Scorpio, semipro, show window, sloppy joe, so-and-so, SRO, standing O, status quo, stereo, stop-and-go, studio, subito, tallyho, tangelo, Taranto, tic-tac-toe, TKO, to-and-fro, Tokyo, tombolo, touch-and-go, tournedos, tremolo, tuckahoe, tupelo, UFO, ultimo, undergo, undertow, Veneto, vertigo, vibrio, video, virago, vireo, Zhangjiakou, zydeco



verb fo·lio

Definition of folio

  1. transitive verb
  2. :  to put a serial number on each leaf or page of


First Known Use of folio


Law Dictionary


noun fo·lio \ˈfō-lē-ˌō\

Legal Definition of folio

  1. :  a certain number of words taken as a unit or division in a document for purposes of measurement or reference

Additional Notes on folio

A folio by statutory provision generally consists of 100 words.

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