adjective \ˈf-gē, ˈfä-\

: having or filled with fog

: covered with small drops of water

: not clear : vague or confused


Full Definition of FOGGY

a :  filled or abounding with fog
b :  covered or made opaque by moisture or grime
:  blurred or obscured as if by fog <hadn't the foggiest notion>
fog·gi·ly \ˈf-gə-lē, ˈfä-\ adverb
fog·gi·ness \ˈf-gē-nəs, ˈfä-\ noun

Examples of FOGGY

  1. I don't remember what her name was—my memory is a little foggy.
  2. <it's pretty foggy outside, so be careful driving home>

Origin of FOGGY

earlier, spongy, marshy, thick, probably from fog second growth of grass, from Middle English fogge
First Known Use: 15th century

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