noun \ˈflü-gəl-ˌhrn, ˈflue-\

Definition of FLÜGELHORN

:  a valved brass instrument resembling a cornet but having a larger bore
flü·gel·horn·ist \-ˌhr-nist\ noun

Variants of FLÜGELHORN

flü·gel·horn or flue·gel·horn \ˈflü-gəl-ˌhrn, ˈflue-\


German, from Flügel wing, flank + Horn horn; from its use to signal the flanking drivers in a battue
First Known Use: 1854


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Brass musical instrument, a valved bugle. It has three valves and a wider bore than the cornet and is usually pitched in B-flat. The flügelhorn was invented in Austria in the 1830s. It has maintained its identity—particularly its bore and its squat shape—better than has the formerly very similar cornet. Long used in European military bands, it is now also used in jazz and popular music.


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