verb \ˈfleks\

: to bend (a body part)

: to move or tighten (a muscle)

Full Definition of FLEX

transitive verb
:  to bend especially repeatedly
a :  to move muscles so as to cause flexion of (a joint)
b :  to move or tense (a muscle) by contraction
:  use, demonstrate <flexing her skills as a singer>
intransitive verb
:  bend
flex one's muscles
:  to demonstrate one's strength <an exaggerated need to flex his political muscles — J. P. Lash>

Examples of FLEX

  1. He flexed the muscles of his right arm.
  2. a material that flexes easily

Origin of FLEX

Latin flexus, past participle of flectere to bend
First Known Use: circa 1521

Rhymes with FLEX



Definition of FLEX

chiefly British
:  an electric cord

Origin of FLEX

short for flexible cord
First Known Use: 1905



Definition of FLEX

:  an act or instance of flexing

First Known Use of FLEX

circa 1934
FLEX ONE'S MUSCLES Defined for Kids


verb \ˈfleks\

Definition of FLEX for Kids

:  to bend especially again and again <Can you flex your fingers?>
:  to move or tense (a muscle)

Word Root of FLEX

The Latin word flectere, meaning to bend or to curve, and its form flexus give us the roots flect and flex. Words from the Latin flectere have something to do with bending or curving. To flex is to cause something, such as a muscle, to curve or bend. Something flexible can be bent without breaking. To deflect, or turn aside, is to bend the direction of something. To reflect is to bend an image back to the person looking at a mirror or other shiny surface.
Medical Dictionary


transitive verb \ˈfleks\

Medical Definition of FLEX

:  to bend especially repeatedly
a :  to move muscles so as to cause flexion of (a joint) <stretching and flexing his knees> b :  to move or tense (a muscle or muscles) by contraction <flexed their biceps>


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