noun \ˈflask, ˈfläsk\

: a container that is shaped like a flattened bottle and that is used to carry alcohol

: a glass bottle used in scientific laboratories

Full Definition of FLASK

:  a container often somewhat narrowed toward the outlet and often fitted with a closure: as
a :  a broad flattened necked vessel used especially to carry alcoholic beverages on the person
b British :  thermos

Origin of FLASK

Middle French flasque powder flask, ultimately from Late Latin flascon-, flasco bottle, probably of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German flaska bottle
First Known Use: 1549

Other Household Terms

cruet, curiosity, duvet, fiasco, sham, taper, valance, whatnot

Rhymes with FLASK

FLASK Defined for Kids


noun \ˈflask\

Definition of FLASK for Kids

:  a container like a bottle with a flat or rounded body
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