verb \ˈflash\

: to shine or give off bright light suddenly or in repeated bursts

: to appear quickly or suddenly

: to move or pass very quickly

Full Definition of FLASH

intransitive verb
:  rush, dash —used of flowing water
:  to break forth in or like a sudden flame or flare
a :  to appear suddenly <an idea flashes into her mind>
b :  to move with great speed <the days flash by>
a :  to break forth or out so as to make a sudden display
b :  to act or speak vehemently and suddenly especially in anger
a :  to give off light suddenly or in transient bursts
b :  to glow or gleam especially with animation or passion <her eyes flashed with anger>
:  to change suddenly or violently into vapor
:  to expose one's breasts or genitals usually suddenly and briefly in public
:  to have sudden insight —often used with on
transitive verb
a archaic :  splash
b :  to fill by a sudden inflow of water
a :  to cause the sudden appearance of (light)
b :  to cause to burst violently into flame
c (1) :  to cause (light) to reflect
(2) :  to cause (as a mirror) to reflect light (3) :  to cause (a lamp) to flash
d :  to convey by means of flashes of light
a :  to make known or cause to appear with great speed <flash a message on the screen>
b :  to display obtrusively and ostentatiously <always flashing a roll of bills>
c :  to expose to view usually suddenly and briefly <flashed a badge>
:  to cover with or form into a thin layer: as
a :  to protect against rain by covering with sheet metal or a substitute
b :  to coat (as glass) with a thin layer (as of metal or a differently colored glass)
:  to subject (an exposed photographic negative or positive) to a supplementary uniform exposure to light before development in order to modify detail or tone
:  to expose one's breasts or genitals usually suddenly and briefly to <flashed the audience>

Examples of FLASH

  1. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed.
  2. Cameras flashed as the celebrities passed.
  3. A car was sitting on the side of the road with its lights flashing.
  4. A message flashed on the screen.
  5. The screen flashed a message in black letters.
  6. Her eyes flashed with anger.

Origin of FLASH

Middle English flaschen, of imitative origin
First Known Use: 13th century

Synonym Discussion of FLASH

flash, gleam, glint, sparkle, glitter, glisten, glimmer, shimmer mean to send forth light. flash implies a sudden outburst of bright light <lightning flashed>. gleam suggests a steady light seen through an obscuring medium or against a dark background <lights gleamed in the valley>. glint implies a cold glancing light <glinting steel>. sparkle suggests innumerable moving points of bright light <the sparkling waters>. glitter connotes a brilliant sparkling or gleaming <glittering diamonds>. glisten applies to the soft sparkle from a wet or oily surface <glistening wet sidewalk>. glimmer suggests a faint or wavering gleam <a distant glimmering light>. shimmer means shining with a wavering light <a shimmering satin dress>.



: a sudden bright light

: a sudden appearance or occurrence of something

: a fancy or exciting quality or appearance that is meant to attract attention to something that is usually not very good or interesting

Full Definition of FLASH

a :  a sudden burst of light
b :  a movement of a flag in signaling
:  a sudden and often brilliant burst <a flash of wit>
:  a brief time
a :  show, display; especially :  a vulgar ostentatious display
b archaic :  a showy ostentatious person
c :  one that attracts notice; especially :  an outstanding athlete
d :  pizzazz
obsolete :  thieves' slang
:  something flashed: as
a :  glimpse, look
b :  smile
c :  a first brief news report
d :  flashlight 2
e :  a quick-spreading flame or momentary intense outburst of radiant heat
f (1) :  flashlight 1
(2) :  a device for producing a flashlight for taking photographs
:  rush 7a
:  the rapid conversion of a liquid into vapor

Examples of FLASH

  1. A brilliant flash lit up the sky.
  2. The idea for the movie came to her in a flash of inspiration.
  3. They relied on gimmicks and flash to get people's attention.
  4. a show with a lot of flash but little substance

First Known Use of FLASH




: beginning suddenly and lasting only a short time

: very talented

Full Definition of FLASH

a :  flashy, showy
b :  of, relating to, or characteristic of flashy people or things <flash behavior>
c :  of, relating to, or characteristic of persons considered social outcasts <flash language>
:  of sudden origin and short duration <a flash fire>
:  having or using a solid-state data storage technology that retains data even without a connection to a power source <flash memory>

Examples of FLASH

  1. <flash floods in the local area>

First Known Use of FLASH

circa 1700

Other Computer-Related Terms

adware, kludge, phishing, recursive, router



Definition of FLASH

:  by very brief exposure to an intense altering agent (as heat or cold) <flash fry> <flash freeze>

First Known Use of FLASH



noun \ˈflash\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of FLASH

: rush 2—compare hot flash


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