adjective \ˈfikst\

—used to describe something that does not change

: placed or attached in a way that does not move easily

: having something needed

Full Definition of FIXED

a :  securely placed or fastened :  stationary
b (1) :  nonvolatile
(2) :  formed into a chemical compound
c (1) :  not subject to change or fluctuation <a fixed income>
(2) :  firmly set in the mind <a fixed idea> (3) :  having a final or crystallized form or character (4) :  recurring on the same date from year to year <fixed holidays>
d :  immobile, concentrated <a fixed stare>
:  supplied with something (as money) needed <comfortably fixed>
fixed·ly \ˈfik-səd-lē, ˈfikst-lē\ adverb
fixed·ness \ˈfik-səd-nəs, ˈfiks(t)-nəs\ noun

Examples of FIXED

  1. a small mirror fixed to the wall
  2. That day remains fixed in my memory.

First Known Use of FIXED

14th century

Rhymes with FIXED

FIXEDNESS Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈfikst\

Definition of FIXED for Kids

:  not changing :  set <… Phoebe wore a fixed expression … — Sharon Creech, Walk Two Moons>
:  firmly placed <A mirror is fixed to the wall.> <That day is fixed in my memory.>
fix·ed·ly \ˈfik-səd-lē\ adverb <She was staring fixedly at me.>


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