adjective \ˈfikst\

—used to describe something that does not change

: placed or attached in a way that does not move easily

: having something needed

Full Definition of FIXED

a :  securely placed or fastened :  stationary
b (1) :  nonvolatile
(2) :  formed into a chemical compound
c (1) :  not subject to change or fluctuation <a fixed income>
(2) :  firmly set in the mind <a fixed idea> (3) :  having a final or crystallized form or character (4) :  recurring on the same date from year to year <fixed holidays>
d :  immobile, concentrated <a fixed stare>
:  supplied with something (as money) needed <comfortably fixed>
fixed·ly \ˈfik-səd-lē, ˈfikst-lē\ adverb
fixed·ness \ˈfik-səd-nəs, ˈfiks(t)-nəs\ noun

Examples of FIXED

  1. a small mirror fixed to the wall
  2. That day remains fixed in my memory.

First Known Use of FIXED

14th century

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