adjective \ˈfī-ˌnīt\

: having limits : having a limited nature

grammar : of or relating to a verb form that shows action that takes place at a particular time (such as the past)

Full Definition of FINITE

a :  having definite or definable limits <a finite number of possibilities>
b :  having a limited nature or existence <finite beings>
:  completely determinable in theory or in fact by counting, measurement, or thought <the finite velocity of light>
a :  less than an arbitrary positive integer and greater than the negative of that integer
b :  having a finite number of elements <a finite set>
:  of, relating to, or being a verb or verb form that can function as a predicate or as the initial element of one and that is limited (as in tense, person, and number)
finite noun
fi·nite·ly adverb
fi·nite·ness noun

Examples of FINITE

  1. a finite number of possibilities
  2. the earth's finite supply of natural resources
  3. the finite human life span
  4. a finite verb such as is or are

Origin of FINITE

Middle English finit, from Latin finitus, past participle of finire
First Known Use: 15th century


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