verb fin·ish \ˈfi-nish\

: to reach the end of (something) : to stop doing (something) because it is completed

: to be done with building or creating (something)

: to cause something to end or stop : to reach the end of something

Full Definition of FINISH

intransitive verb
a :  to come to an end :  terminate
b :  end 1b
a :  to come to the end of a course, task, or undertaking
b :  to end relations —used with with <decided to finish with him for good>
:  to end a competition in a specified manner or position <finished third in the race>
transitive verb
a :  to bring to an end :  terminate <finished the speech and sat down>
b :  to use or dispose of entirely <her sandwich finished the loaf>
a :  to bring to completion or issue <hope to finish their new home before winter>
b :  to provide with a finish; especially :  to put a final coat or surface on <finish a table with varnish>
a :  to defeat or ruin utterly and finally <the scandal finished his career>
b :  to bring about the death of
fin·ish·er noun

Examples of FINISH

  1. You can't watch TV until you finish your homework.
  2. He started his homework two hours ago and he still hasn't finished.
  3. They hope to finish their new home by winter.
  4. They're building a new home and they hope to finish by winter.
  5. The chairman finished the meeting at noon.
  6. The meeting finished on a positive note.

Origin of FINISH

Middle English finisshen, from Anglo-French finiss-, stem of finir, from Latin finire, from finis
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with FINISH



: the last part of something

: the final coating on a surface or the appearance produced by such a coating

Full Definition of FINISH

:  something that completes or perfects: as
a :  the fine or decorative work required for a building or one of its parts
b :  a finishing material used in painting
c :  the final treatment or coating of a surface
d :  the taste in the mouth after swallowing a beverage (as wine)
a :  final stage :  end
b :  the cause of one's ruin
:  the result or product of a finishing process <a glossy finish>
:  the quality or state of being perfected

Examples of FINISH

  1. a suspense film with a perfect surprise finish
  2. The table had a shiny finish.
  3. I need to put one more coat of finish on the chair.

First Known Use of FINISH


Other Alcoholic Beverage Terms

gimlet, mull, sake, setup, sommelier, syllabub, vintner, wassail

Rhymes with FINISH


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