noun \ˈfi-lər\

Definition of FILLER

:  one that fills: as
a :  a substance added to a product (as to increase bulk, weight, viscosity, opacity, or strength)
b :  a composition used to fill the pores and grain especially of a wood surface before painting or varnishing
c :  a piece used to cover or fill in a space between two parts of a structure
d :  tobacco used to form the core of a cigar
e :  material used to fill extra space in a column or page of a newspaper or magazine or to increase the size of a work (as a book)
f :  a pack of paper for a loose-leaf notebook
g :  a sound, word, or phrase (as you know?) used to fill pauses in speaking

First Known Use of FILLER

15th century


noun \ˈfi-ˌler\
plural filler also fillers

Definition of FILLER

— see forint at money table

Origin of FILLER

Hungarian fillér
First Known Use: 1904


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