noun \ˈfith, ˈfif(t)th, ˈfift\

: number five in a series

: one of five equal parts of something

: a unit of measure for alcoholic liquor that is equal to one fifth of a U.S. gallon (approximately 750 ml); also : a bottle that holds this amount of liquor

plural fifths \ˈfiths, ˈfif(t)ths, ˈfif(t)s\

Full Definition of FIFTH

— see number table
a :  the musical interval embracing five diatonic degrees
b :  a tone at this interval; specifically :  dominant 1
c :  the harmonic combination of two tones at this interval
:  a unit of measure for liquor equal to one fifth of a United States gallon (0.757 liter)
capitalized :  the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution; also :  the right accorded by the Fifth Amendment to refuse to testify against oneself —usually used in the phrase take the Fifth
fifth adjective or adverb
fifth·ly adverb

Examples of FIFTH

  1. The bill is due on the fifth of each month.
  2. She donated a fifth of her income to charity.
  3. bought a fifth of whiskey

Origin of FIFTH

Middle English fifte, fifthe, from Old English fīfta, from fīf five
First Known Use: before 12th century

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