adjective \ˈfī(-ə)-rē\

: having or producing fire

of food : tasting very hot and spicy

: having or showing a lot of strong and angry emotion


Full Definition of FIERY

a :  consisting of fire
b :  marked by fire <a fiery crash>
c :  using or carried out with fire
d :  liable to catch fire or explode :  flammable <a fiery vapor>
a :  hot like a fire
b (1) :  being in an inflamed state or condition <a fiery boil>
(2) :  feverish and flushed <a fiery forehead>
:  of the color of fire :  red <a fiery sunset>
a :  full of or exuding emotion or spirit <a fiery sermon>
b :  easily provoked :  irritable <a fiery temper>
fi·eri·ly \ˈfī-rə-lē\ adverb
fi·eri·ness \ˈfī-rē-nəs\ noun
fiery adverb

Examples of FIERY

  1. He was killed in a fiery crash.
  2. <the fiery Yule log made a splendid backdrop for our holiday party>

Origin of FIERY

Middle English, from fire, fier fire
First Known Use: 13th century


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