noun \ˈfi-byə-lə\

medical : the outer one of the two bones below the knee in a person's leg

plural fib·u·lae\-lē, -lī\ or fib·u·las

Full Definition of FIBULA

:  the outer and usually smaller of the two bones between the knee and ankle in the hind or lower limbs of vertebrates
:  a clasp resembling a safety pin used especially by the ancient Greeks and Romans
fib·u·lar \-lər\ adjective

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Origin of FIBULA

Latin, pin, clasp; akin to Latin figere to fasten
First Known Use: 1578


noun \ˈfib-yə-lə\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural fib·u·lae \-lē also -ˌlī\ or fib·u·las

Medical Definition of FIBULA

: the outer or postaxial and usually the smaller of the two bones of the hind or lower limb below the knee that is the slenderest bone of the human body in proportion to its length, articulates above with the external tuberosity of the tibia and below with the talus, and has its lower end forming the external malleolus of the ankle—called also calf bone
fib·u·lar \-lər\ adjective

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