adjective \ˈfē-vrish, ˈfe-vər-ish\

: having a fever : suffering from a higher than normal body temperature caused by illness

: of or relating to a fever

: involving intense emotion or activity : feeling or showing great or extreme excitement

Full Definition of FEVERISH

a :  tending to cause fever
b :  having the symptoms of a fever
c :  indicating or relating to fever
:  marked by intense emotion, activity, or instability <feverish excitement>
fe·ver·ish·ly adverb
fe·ver·ish·ness noun

Examples of FEVERISH

  1. She was feeling tired and feverish.
  2. He had a feverish appearance.

First Known Use of FEVERISH

14th century


adjective \ˈfēv-(ə-)rish\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of FEVERISH

: showing symptoms indicating fever (as increased heat and thirst or delirium) : having a fever <the patient is feverish>; specifically : abnormally hot <the child's forehead felt feverish>
: of or indicating fever <a feverish condition>
: infected with or tending to cause fever <a damp, feverish, unhealthy spot—R. L. Stevenson>


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