noun \ˈfer-mē-ˌän, ˈfər-\

Definition of FERMION

:  a particle (as an electron, proton, or neutron) whose spin quantum number is an odd multiple of 12 — compare boson
fer·mi·on·ic \ˌfer-mē-ˈä-nik, ˌfər-\ adjective

Origin of FERMION

Enrico Fermi + English 2-on
First Known Use: 1947

Rhymes with FERMION

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of a group of subatomic particles having odd half-integral spin (, ). Fermions are named for the Fermi-Dirac statistics that describe their behaviour. They include particles in the class of leptons, baryons, and nuclei of odd mass number (e.g., tritium, helium-3, uranium-233). They obey the Pauli exclusion principle. Fermions are produced and undergo annihilation in particle-antiparticle pairs. See also boson.


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