verb \(ˌ)fər-ˈment\

: to go through a chemical change that results in the production of alcohol

Full Definition of FERMENT

intransitive verb
:  to undergo fermentation
:  to be in a state of agitation or intense activity
transitive verb
:  to cause to undergo fermentation
:  to work up (as into a state of agitation) :  foment
fer·ment·able \-ˈmen-tə-bəl\ adjective

Examples of FERMENT

  1. The wine ferments in oak barrels.
  2. Yeast ferments the sugar in the juice.

First Known Use of FERMENT

14th century


noun \ˈfər-ˌment also (ˌ)fər-ˈ\

: a situation in which there is much excitement and confusion caused by change

Full Definition of FERMENT

a :  a living organism (as a yeast) that causes fermentation by virtue of its enzymes
b :  enzyme
a :  a state of unrest :  agitation
b :  a process of active often disorderly development <the great period of creative ferment in literature — William Barrett>

Examples of FERMENT

  1. The city was in a state of ferment after the election.
  2. <the city was in ferment as its residents nervously awaited the airborne invasion that was sure to come>

Origin of FERMENT

Middle English, from Latin fermentum yeast — more at barm
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Biochemistry Terms

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