noun \ˈfer-də-ˈlan(t)s, -ˈlän(t)s\
plural fer–de–lance

Definition of FER-DE-LANCE

:  a large extremely venomous pit viper (Bothrops atrox) of Central and South America

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Origin of FER-DE-LANCE

French, literally, lance iron, spearhead
First Known Use: 1880

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Extremely venomous pit viper (genus Bothrops), found in diverse tropical American habitats, from cultivated lands to forests. It has a broad, triangular head and is gray or brown, marked by a series of black-edged diamonds often bordered in a lighter colour. It is usually about 4–7 ft (1.2–2 m) long. Its bite can be fatal to humans. The name is sometimes applied to all members of the Central and South American genus Bothrops and to an Asian genus, Trimeresurus.


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