noun \ˈfen\

Definition of FEN

:  low land that is covered wholly or partly with water unless artificially drained and that usually has peaty alkaline soil and characteristic flora (as of sedges and reeds)

Origin of FEN

Middle English, from Old English fenn; akin to Old High German fenna fen, Sanskrit paṅka mud
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Ecology Terms

Malthusian, anthropogenic, biomass, carbon footprint, crepuscular, niche, sere, symbiosis, taiga, tundra

Rhymes with FEN


noun \ˈfən\
plural fen

Definition of FEN

— see yuan at money table

Origin of FEN

Chinese (Beijing) fēn
First Known Use: 1916

Rhymes with FEN


geographical name \ˈfən, ˈfen\

Definition of FEN

river 300 miles (483 kilometers) N China in cen Shanxi flowing SSE into the Huang


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