noun \ˈfe-lə-ˌship, -lō-\

: a friendly relationship among people

: the relationship of people who share interests or feelings

: a group of people who have similar interests

Full Definition of FELLOWSHIP

a :  community of interest, activity, feeling, or experience
b :  the state of being a fellow or associate
:  a company of equals or friends :  association
:  the quality or state of being comradely
obsolete :  membership, partnership
a :  the position of a fellow (as of a university)
b :  the stipend of a fellow
c :  a foundation for the providing of such a stipend

Examples of FELLOWSHIP

  1. traditions that bind us together in fellowship
  2. <the new counselor is eager to develop a trustful fellowship with the troubled teens at the center>

First Known Use of FELLOWSHIP

before 12th century


fellowshipped also fellowshiped \-ˌshipt\fellowship·ping also fellowship·ing \-ˌshi-piŋ\

Definition of FELLOWSHIP

intransitive verb
:  to join in fellowship especially with a church member
transitive verb
:  to admit to fellowship (as in a church)

First Known Use of FELLOWSHIP

14th century


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