noun \ˈfaks\

: a system for sending and receiving printed materials (such as documents and drawings) and photographs using telephone lines

: a machine used in this system

: something (such as a document or a photograph) that is sent or received by fax

Full Definition of FAX

:  facsimile 2
:  a device used to send or receive facsimile communications
:  a facsimile communication
fax verb

Examples of FAX

  1. She sent me a copy of her report by fax.
  2. She sent me a fax of her report.

Origin of FAX

by shortening & alteration
First Known Use: 1948

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Device for the transmission and reproduction of documents by digitized signals sent over telephone lines. Fax machines scan printed text and graphics and convert the image into a digital code: 1 for dark areas, 0 for white areas. The code is transmitted through the telephone network to similar devices, where the documents are reproduced in close to their original form. Though the concepts for fax technology were developed in the 19th century, widespread use did not occur until the 1970s, when inexpensive means of adapting digitized information to telephone circuits became common.

Variants of FAX

fax in full facsimile


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