noun fa·ther \ˈfä-thər\

: a male parent

: a man who is thought of as being like a father

: a person who was in someone's family in past times

Full Definition of FATHER

a :  a man who has begotten a child; also :  sire 3
b capitalized
(1) :  god 1 (2) :  the first person of the Trinity
a :  one related to another in a way suggesting that of father to child
b :  an old man —used as a respectful form of address
often capitalized :  a pre-Scholastic Christian writer accepted by the church as an authoritative witness to its teaching and practice —called also church father
a :  one that originates or institutes <the father of modern science>
b :  source <the sun, the father of warmth and light — Lena M. Whitney>
c :  prototype
:  a priest of the regular clergy; broadly :  priest —used especially as a title
:  one of the leading men (as of a city) —usually used in plural
fa·ther·hood \-ˌhd\ noun
fa·ther·less \-ləs\ adjective
fa·ther·like \-ˌlīk\ adjective or adverb

Examples of FATHER

  1. He became a father when he was 30.
  2. He's the father of three small children.
  3. He has been like a father to me.
  4. He was a father to me after my own father died.

Origin of FATHER

Middle English fader, from Old English fæder; akin to Old High German fater father, Latin pater, Greek patēr
First Known Use: before 12th century

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Rhymes with FATHER



: to become the father of (a child) : to make a woman pregnant so that she gives birth to (a child)

of a man : to invent, create, or produce (something)

fa·theredfa·ther·ing \ˈth-riŋ, ˈfä-thə-\

Full Definition of FATHER

transitive verb
a :  beget
b :  to be the founder, producer, or author of <fathered the improvement plan>
c :  to accept responsibility for
a :  to fix the paternity or origin of
b :  to place responsibility for the origin or cause of <collected gossip and fathered it on responsible men — J. A. Williamson>
:  foist, impose
intransitive verb
:  to care for or look after someone as a father might

Examples of FATHER

  1. He was praised for fathering a plan to improve the city's schools.
  2. <Paul Revere somehow found room in his small house for the large family he had fathered.>

First Known Use of FATHER

15th century

Rhymes with FATHER


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