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verb fal·ter \ˈfl-tər\

: to stop being strong or successful : to begin to fail or weaken

: to begin to walk or move in an unsteady way

: to feel doubt about doing something

fal·teredfal·ter·ing \-t(ə-)riŋ\

Full Definition of FALTER

intransitive verb
a :  to walk unsteadily :  stumble
b :  to give way :  totter <could feel my legs faltering>
c :  to move waveringly or hesitatingly
:  to speak brokenly or weakly :  stammer <her voice faltered>
a :  to hesitate in purpose or action :  waver <he never faltered in his determination>
b :  to lose drive or effectiveness <the business was faltering>
transitive verb
:  to utter hesitatingly or brokenly
fal·ter·er \-tər-ər\ noun
fal·ter·ing·ly \-t(ə-)riŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of FALTER

  1. The business was faltering due to poor management.
  2. Their initial optimism has faltered.
  3. signs that the economy is faltering
  4. Her steps began to falter.

Origin of FALTER

Middle English
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of FALTER

hesitate, waver, vacillate, falter mean to show irresolution or uncertainty. hesitate implies a pause before deciding or acting or choosing <hesitated before answering the question>. waver implies hesitation after seeming to decide and so connotes weakness or a retreat <wavered in his support of the rebels>. vacillate implies prolonged hesitation from inability to reach a firm decision <vacillated until events were out of control>. falter implies a wavering or stumbling and often connotes nervousness, lack of courage, or outright fear <never once faltered during her testimony>.

Rhymes with FALTER



Definition of FALTER

:  an act or instance of faltering

First Known Use of FALTER

FALTERINGLY Defined for Kids


verb fal·ter \ˈfl-tər\

Definition of FALTER for Kids

:  to move unsteadily :  waver
:  to hesitate in speech
:  to hesitate in purpose or action


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