noun \ik-ˈstra-vi-gən(t)s\

: the act or practice of spending a lot of money : wasteful or careless spending

: a special purchase that costs more than you usually spend

: the quality of something that is very expensive or fancy : an extravagant quality

Full Definition of EXTRAVAGANCE

a :  an instance of excess or prodigality; specifically :  an excessive outlay of money
b :  something extravagant <a new car is an extravagance we can't afford>
:  the quality or fact of being extravagant <the extravagance of the decorations>


  1. The reorganization of the department was aimed at reducing extravagance.
  2. That coat is an extravagance that you can't afford.
  3. Going to the play will be our one extravagance for this vacation.
  4. I was shocked by the extravagance of their lifestyle.
  5. The church is known for the extravagance of its architecture.

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