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noun ex·per·tise \ˌek-(ˌ)spər-ˈtēz, -ˈtēs\

Simple Definition of expertise

  • : special skill or knowledge : the skill or knowledge an expert has

Full Definition of expertise

  1. 1 :  expert opinion or commentary

  2. 2 :  the skill of an expert

Examples of expertise

  1. While the declared nuclear powers have wobbled in their commitment to get rid of their arsenals, the rise of a global black market in nuclear expertise and materials has made the Bomb more attainable for everyone else. —Michael Elliott, Time, 1 Aug. 2005

  2. The English magazine The Spectator employs me as “Dear Mary,” a so-called agony aunt, in which capacity I have over the years gained considerable expertise in various areas of etiquette … —Mary Killen, Atlantic, May 2001

  3. Can anyone out there drive a bloody automobile? By driving I do not mean simply guiding a two-ton lump of steel and plastic along a smooth stretch of macadam, but actually steering, braking, and shifting the thing with a modicum of competence, if not outright expertise. —Brock Yates, Car & Driver, October 2001

  4. If a company that spends millions of dollars a year on a fancy advertising campaign to brag about its Web design expertise can't steer a motivated buyer like me to a Buy Now button in less than 30 minutes, then what hope is there for smaller, less experienced retail sites? —Michelle Slatalla, New York Times, 8 Mar. 2001

  5. His expertise on defense will help the team.

  6. her expertise in legal matters

Origin of expertise

French, from Middle French, expertness, from expert

First Known Use: 1868

EXPERTISE Defined for Kids


noun ex·per·tise \ˌek-spər-ˈtēz, -ˈtēs\

Definition of expertise

  1. :  the skill or knowledge of an expert

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